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Family Holistic Healing & Wellness

About Me

Baba Khesu is a certified spiritual life coach. He specializes in holistic mental health and wellness, mediumship, spiritual healing, and plant medicine. He is also an experienced baby daddy Doula who offers support for fathers supporting mothers and families.


He believes that it is a man’s responsibility to provide and create good birthing experiences. He provides hands-on assistance that encourages nurturing and support to their partners while also being a support system for the father to be.


Baby Daddy Doula mission is to Educate Engage Encourage and Empower men to be better fathers.


Practice before conception, Start at Birth!



Full Spectrum Daddy Doula

Together we will create a beautiful, peaceful birthing environment accompanied by full family experience.
I will make sure that all of dad's needs are met as well as offer the tools necessary to be prepared for full participation in the birthing experience.

Ra Sekhi Healing Artist

A healing modality in which we program, create, heal, and manifest our desires.
This modality is comprised of a large range of energy and frequency manipulation to create a holistic environment and homeostasis in your body. We utilize color, sound, light and vibration to align the mind body and soul.

Birthing Rituals & Ceremonies

I provide an opportunity to create family traditions and rituals that can enhance the life and character of the family’s new addition. From naming ceremonies to spiritual or first baths, we provide education  necessary to create a nourishing spiritual environment for results beyond conception.

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